Robert Is Passionate And Experienced
Robert J. Losurdo, founder and CEO of In Flight Review, Inc., is not new to training He has developed training programs and manuals for several companies throughout  the United States and Europe. Mr. Losurdo has over 40 years of experience. He has logged over 25,000 hours and holds an ATP, CFII and MEII ratings. Mr. Losurdo was program coordinator for SimCom Training Centers in Orlando, Florida. During his tenure there, Mr. Losurdo trained over 200 pilots and logged over 3,500 hours of simulator instruction. He has presented more than 20,000 hours of classroom instruction over the past 25 years. Mr. Losurdo was also Director of Training for ATM, a training facility in Vero Beach, Florida, providing piston and turboprop training throughout the country. During the 70's and 80's, Mr. Losurdo owned and operated an FAA Part 135 Charter operation and was chief flight instructor for a Part 141 training program where he graduated several hundred students. Mr. Losurdo has piloted many piston and turboprop aircraft over the past 40 years. He is typed in the HS125 Hawker Siddley. Mr. Losurdo has been guest speaker for many high schools and universities during their career day events promoting flying and safety.


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Flight Instructor

George currently flies for several companies. He has taught at In-flight Review since 2001 in all the Piper Cheyenne series and King Air A, B, C, and A-200 and B-200 series. He has given dual in Shorts, Cessna 300, and 400 series. George has been FAR part 135 check airman for many companies.

George has been a Piper Corpac, demo pilot in all the Cheyenne's as well as worked for Lockheed Martin flying for NASA at Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards Air Force Base in California.

George holds an ATP SMEL & Sea and Lear-Jet type rated. Commercial Pilot Glider, Balloon, Gold Seal Flight Instructor Airplane and Glider has given extensive aerobatic dual and has logged over 12,000 flight hours. He also holds an A&P as well as being Typed in the Falcon 50 and Falcon 900.
ATPCFIIMEI /Designated Examiner

Mr. Brunton has logged over 14,000 hours of total time, and has given over 7,000 hours of dual instruction in aircraft ranging from J3 Cubs to Jets. Bill holds ATP, CFII, MEI, AGI, IFI certificates and is type rated in the BE200, BE300, BE300F, BE1900, BE2000, and CE500 aircraft.

Mr. Brunton was employed by Beech Aircraft Corporation as a pilot Instructor in the Beech Training Center from 1976 through 1986. He taught Beech customers in ground courses along with simulator and flight sessions. He authored many of the courses and developed the training materials used. He worked for Flight Safety International from 1986 to 1990 where he was Director of Standards along with duties as ground, Simulator and flight instructor. He has been an FAA Designated Examiner for Private through ATP and for the type ratings he holds.

Mr. Brunton was the Director of Aviation and Chief Pilot for a large corporation for several years. For the last 15 years Mr. Brunton has been a free lance pilot and instructor serving corporate and charter pilots for several different organizations'. Bill has flown for In Flight Review, Inc. since the year 2000 as an instructor, providing initial and recurrent training in piston and turboprop aircraft around the country
Flight Instructor

Mr. Torrini is a retired Army Aviator and retired FAA operation inspector.

He holds an ATP CFIISMEL and has logged over 12,000 flight hours. He also holds an A&P with IA. He has presented over 10,000 hours of classroom instruction on aircraft systems. His expertise is turboprop aircraft systems and operations. He has both corporate and FAR 135 experience. He is type rated in the SA227, CE-500 and Lear Jet.

MSgt Chad T. Tanner is currently on Active Duty Air Force and assigned as the Headquarters Air Force Recruiting Service non-commissioned officer in charge of all Aerial Events and National Marketing Events.  His responsibilities include primary liaison between AFRS, Pentagon's Aerial Events Operation Group, Thunderbird and F-22 Aerial Demonstration Squadron; maximizes recruiting and retention efforts with max exposure. 

Chad was born April 30, 1980 in Palm Beach, Florida. He graduated from Palm Beach High School in 1999 and received his B.S. Degree in Aeronautics from Liberty University in 2015. His initial service into the United States Air Force was as a Jet engine specialist. In 2003 he became an Air Force Recruiter and has been ever since. Chad is a gold seal CFI, CFII and MEI. Chad also holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot certificate with over 2000 flying hours.

Gary Brown has  over 31,000 hours with over 20,000 in flying as Captain the Boeing 727,  737 and 777 aircraft.

Captain Brown instructed in Commuter Airline turboprops and in Major Airlines in
Boeing jet for Continental Airlines aircraft prior to joining In Flight Review.

Blake began his aviation career right out of high school. After graduating in 2011 from Ronald Reagan, he attended Palo Alto College for their Aviation Program where he acquired his Private Pilot, instrument rating, Single-Engine Commercial, and Professional Pilot Associate's degree. Blake then transferred to Texas Lutheran University to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science. During his time at TLU, Blake was president of Campus Crusades for Christ (Cru) and received the Transfer Academic Distinction Scholarship. Training at Texas Aviation Academy, he completed his Multi-Engine Commercial, Multi-Engine Flight Instructor, and Certified Flight Instructor ratings. He graduated magna cum laude in 2015 and currently works as a corporate pilot flying a CJ4. Blake was married in 2017 to his beautiful wife Shelby. With over 1,500 hours of instruction, teaching has always been a passion of Blake’s and he enjoys passing on the love of flying to future generations.

Safety Is No Accident

In Flight Review's Instructors are proficient pilots with a minimum of 5000 flight hours with 1000 of them as an instructor. They hold Commercial Licenses or ATP Certificates with CFII and MEI ratings at a minimum. Their background experience is in airline, corporate, or military flying and they are experts in subject matter and training skills.

Instructors have a minimum of 200 hours in each aircraft in which they train and continue to expand their education by attending aircraft manufacturers airframe and engine schools.